A Family Business

People you can Trust
Riba Mljet personel - people you can trust for your fish

Riba Mljet is a family owned venture with a long history on this island. This is our lifework and above all we always want to be proud of who we are and what we do. The people who work in the fishery are all people who share the same love for the sea, know these waters and have a deep understanding and strong will to preserve the natural environment. We have focused on establishing a small agile team, each and every one skilled and passionate about their work and all based on our facilities on the island of Mljet. Our employees are by our side for many years and we completely trust them

We are committed to excellence. Our philosophy is not to be the biggest, but the best!

We intentionally keep things small and pure and we always put our customers first. We don’t sacrifice our high quality standards in order to raise production. To ensure an excellent result, we prefer to have full control of the process and run all tasks in-house. We monitor closely all the stages of operation and cycle of life of the fish and can therefore guarantee for the quality and purity. Our fish are single origin, all grown in the blessed waters of Mljet.

We have a long history and our tradition carries on through the family generations.