Conditions of breeding

The crystal water and unique currents of Adriatica
Riba Mljet nets in the clear waters of Adriatica

Our pure methods and dedication are essential to the supreme quality and taste of our fish, however the result would not be the same if it weren't for the unique crystal waters of the area. Mljet island is blessed with the ideal conditions for sea life. 

  • The purity of the water is outstanding due to the lack of industry and human harm on the island. 
  • The water is crystal clear and rich in nutrients due to the preservation status of the area.
  • The sea around the island is deep and nutrients can follow a natural chain from the surface to the sea bed.
  • The oxygen levels are high, which combined with the low density of the populations creates an extremely comfortable environment for the fish.
  • The temperatures are very gentle with no great deviations.
  • The unique currents in this part of the Adriatic creates perfect circulation of water.

Riba Mljet has a spectacular natural setting, in the Mljetan Channel, across the Dalmatian Coast. It is a wild place and one with the Sea. 

At Riba Mljet fish are grown wild and healthy.