As Fresh as it gets

Straight to your Dish
Fresh Seabass and Seabream on ice

If we can’t deliver extremely fresh food, we don’t deliver. We have created and organised a clever distribution system that covers a large area around the fishery. Our strategic location, a short ride to our markets, ensures the fastest delivery of our fish and... 

Fish must be Fresh... it's that simple!

Our fish are grown in wild and natural conditions and delivered fresh on demand. We don’t use preservation methods, deep freezing or substances. Fish comes as fresh as it gets!

In order to achieve the best possible freshness, the whole process is initiated only after the order is placed.

  1. 1Client places order via phone or email
  2. 2Fish ordered are harvested and put in containers with ice
  3. 3Within 2 hours they are sorted and stored in preservation boxes
  4. 4The packages are shipped straight to Dubrovnik
  5. 5Delivery to client  is completed in less than 12 hours 

For super-fresh orders please contact us.