A Meagre fish

Argyrosomus regius

  • Sold whole and totally fresh
  • 2 year life-cycle in minimum
  • Net to door in less than 12 hours
  • Chill-box packaging

Meagre is a deep sea water fish, but often found in shallow and rocky seabeds. It is native to the Mediterranean and it is similar in form to a European Sea Bass, with a pearly-silver colouration and a yellow-coloured mouth, giving it the alternate name "Golden Mouth" or "Bocca d' Oro" in Italian Length can range from 40 centimeters to 2 meters long, with weights up to 55 kilogrammes. Opposed to the totally black coulour that occurs on the Atlantic Meagre, the Adriatic populations are shiny with a bronze-dark brown tint. Its popularity worldwide is increasing since it is gifted with a delicate clean flavour suitable for various recipes and has a firm texture that can be cooked nicely.

  • Colour: White
  • Texture: Medium-firm, Large flake, Moist
  • Taste profile: Mild and Sweet
  • Cooking possibilities: Steamed, seared, grilled, poached, ceviche, crudo

Nutritional properties 

20.1 g protein
5.7 g fat
0.3 g of carbohydrates
140 Kcal