Our pure methods

We have a clear vision and commitment
Riba Mljet Fisheries - nets floating on the open sea

Our first priority in Riba Mljet is to continuously reach the highest quality standards. Our goal is to deliver the most natural, healthy and best tasting fish. After many years of extensive work and research we have learned that this can be only achieved with total respect towards the fish and the way they grow. Our method embraces nature and is elevated by human touch and scientific innovation.

Low Population Density
We keep the fish population in low density, around three times lower than the typical farms, and avoid any type of mass production. This preserves the water quality, in terms of clarity and composition and gives our fish plenty of space to swim and be active like in the wild.

High Quality Food
We make sure our fish have a healthy diet as well. The feeding is done consistently by hand and always with high quality food and natural nutrients. 

Patient Growth Cycles
We never use drugs and boosters. Our fish grow naturally at their own time with a patient life cycle of 2-3 years in minimum. 

Wild Natural Environment
Our fishery is located in the Adriatic Sea. Fish grow in the currents, at depths and together with Nature.

Continuous Care
We take care of our fish daily with constant observation and care. Our teams are physically right next to the fish to make sure they are healthy and happy!

Single Origin
All of the fish are all grown here in the crystal waters of Mljet which are ideal for marine life. We do not import and we maintain only these great facilities here on the island.

We know our fish and we can proudly say they are healthy and happy.