Riba Mljet Origins

The story of our fishery
The nature thrives on Mljet island

The people of Mljet have always been about the Sea. Living for generations in this special environment along the coasts of the Adriatic, has brought us to our unique islandic identity. The sea has been generous for many years and we gratefully appreciate the gifts from the depths.

Our lives are intertwined with the wind, water, currents and the sea life.

It was only natural to combine our fisherman’s soul and modern aquaculture ways to create a very special fishery, combining our appreciation of sea-food and our respect towards the wild sea-life.

With this in mind, Riba Mljet was established in 2003 as a joint family fishery with a core concept to raise Healthy, Pure, Wild, Fresh & Natural fish.

Our vision is to make every family happy by providing healthy and pure tastes of the sea without harming the marine ecosystem.

Today Riba Mljet offers the highest quality sea-bass, sea-bream and meagre for our customers in Dalmatia and beyond.