Our Obligation for Marine Life Conservation
A beautifull coral reef

The Sea has been generously providing mankind since the very beginning. The evolution and growth of our civilisation would not be possible without these gifts. However, overpopulation and overexploitation of marine resources has damaged marine life and threatens the balance of the ecosystem. This is not an isolated case, but a long lasting global challenge. 

The waters of Adriatic have been depleted from years of overfishing, from the ancient times until today. It is our obligation to have minimum impact on the marine environment and allow nature to recover. 

Enjoy fish and restore the circle of nature.

Riba Mljet operates  with full responsibility in a sustainable model with minimum impact on the marine environment. With our system there is no overfishing that leads to species endangerment. No damage is caused on the reefs and sea-bed, allowing corals and seaweed flourish. No harm is caused to the life cycles of sea life since the eggs and newborn fish are not fished. The water depths and currents allow us to leave virtually no impact on water quality . 

By choosing our natural grown fish you contribute to the protection and restoration of life in the Sea.